Sentora Demo

See and test the free and open-source control-panel Sentora on one of Auxio's demo's..

See Demo!

Sentora Demo

Want to check out the open-source control-panel Sentora for yourself? See the theme's in action? Don't want to install it before seeing it? Or just curious, then check out one of Auxio's Sentora demo's right here..

Sentora Demo

Special: Server status script!

Do you want you costumers or the while internet know the status from your server? Then the server status scripts are a nice addition to your Sentora install..

Original Sever status Demo My version Server Status Demo

More Information?

Do you want to know even more about Sentora?


There are lots and lots of modules for Sentora, too many to some up here.
So make sure you check out the dedicated section on the Sentora Forums..


More info about the Demo's themselves:

The demo's are currently running Sentora 1.0.3 on CentOS 7 on separate and small virtual private servers. Please be patient if it can't handle the load.

Web-masters and web-writers: please do NOT link directly to a demo, you may link to